When Employer Negligence or Truck Driver Error Leads to a Preventable Accident, They Believe Those Who Suffer Deserve Just Compensation

An 18-wheeler, also called semi-truck, big rig or tractor-trailer, weighs about 80,000 lbs., making it 20-30 times heavier than a passenger car. While this weight can make this type of vehicle incredibly tough in road crashes, the same feature is source of great disadvantage where braking or coming to a full stop and many other concerns are the issue.

Compared to other vehicles, especially an ordinary passenger car which, at the speed of 65 mph, will require about 316 feet before coming to a full stop, an 18-wheeler will take 525 feet to stop fully. This longer stopping distance alone makes big rigs threats on the road. Due to this, it is very necessary that truck drivers are fully trained, licensed, not feeling fatigued or sleepy, and totally sober and focused on the road whenever behind the wheel.

While the first three necessities (mentioned above) are never or seldom problems, certainty on truck driver sobriety is still a big question. As shown in a number of studies, many truck drivers have been found intoxicated or high on drugs while driving – a very serious traffic violation due to the high risk of injury they put themselves and, especially, other motorists in.

The blood alcohol concentration (BAC) limit for drivers of passenger cars is 0.08%; for truck drivers, however, the limit is much lower: 0.04%. Semi-truck drivers with a 0.04% BAC can result to DUI, while if caught with a 0.02%BAC, they can be suspended from operating their truck for a total of 24 hours.

Truck accident lawyers from the firm Mazin & Associates, PC, know that “Heavy haul trucks are by far some of the most difficult vehicles to operate. Their large size and mass lead to numerous safety hazards, including bad brakes and large blind spots. These safety hazards only worsen when the bitter winter comes and the already limited traction of the road decreases even further. Trucks are very accident prone and when a truck accident occurs it is almost always devastating for everyone involved.

Said truck accident lawyers also understand the “necessity for heavy haul trucks to deliver goods across the country. However, when employer negligence or truck driver error leads to a preventable accident, they believe those who suffer deserve just compensation.”

Factors that Greatly Contribute to Head-on Collision Accidents

For many years now, motor vehicle accidents in the U.S. have always gone beyond five million, resulting to more than 32,000 fatalities and more than two million injuries. About 2% of these five million motor vehicle crashes is head-on collision. Though this type of accident occurs much less frequently (compared to fatal alcohol-related accidents, for example), it, however, results to more than 10% of the 32,000-plus driving fatalities. Non-fatal head-on collision accidents can most likely result to life-altering injuries, such as spinal cord injuries, brain injuries, broken bones, and paralysis, among others.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), head-on collisions are among the most dangerous types of auto accidents. Driver error is the major cause of car accidents, including and especially, head-on collisions. Factors that greatly contribute to this type of accident include: inattention or driving while distracted; a driver drifting into oncoming traffic; a driver who, knowingly or unknowingly, drives the wrong way on a highway or residential road; making a dangerous passing maneuver; driving at excessive speed; driving while intoxicated; or, falling asleep at the wheel. These, as well as many other possible causes of head-on collisions, are often due to negligence or reckless road behavior, which can easily be prevented.

Head-on collision is one type of accident that drivers never even want to think of possibly getting involved in – due to its severe consequences. To help make sure that this will never occur in large highways, where vehicles run at fast speeds, some local governments have installed stretches of steel wire cable to prevent vehicles from one lane from ever drifting to the other.

West Palm Beach car accident lawyers believe that a driver, whose negligence or recklessness causes a head-on collision accident, should be held liable for the consequences of his/her carelessness. Due to the difficulty and challenges facing authorities in determining fault in head-on collision accidents, however, one who claims to be a victim may find it necessary and advantageous if he/she would hire a seasoned personal accident lawyer who will be able to represent him/her well in court.

5 Tips On Choosing Car Insurance

Car insurance is a necessity in the United States. For this reason, you need to find the right provider. There is a proliferation of car insurance companies in the market today which can make finding the best one a daunting task. According to the website of Insure on the Spot, finding the rate that best suits your budget and individual coverage is the top priority. This article will guide you on choosing the right car insurance company.

1. Check The Reputation and Financial Standing of the Company
Choosing a car insurance company requires some vigilance on your part. It can be easy to be victimized by “fly-by-night” companies so you need to make sure that the provider you have in mind is a reputable one. You can check with the Department of Insurance in your state to determine whether the company is licensed to engage in selling car insurance.
Another way you can check the integrity of the provider is to find out how it ranks in the Better Business Bureau. You can also find other information about the company such as how long has it been in business as well as customer reviews.

2. Watch out for fraud companies
When money is involved, there will always be crooks who will be trying to rip people of their cash. If the offer they are giving you seems too good to be true, this is a sign that you must forget about the company and look for another one.

3. Get More Than One Quote
When looking for a car insurance company, do not just focus on one provider. Get quotes from at least three providers and compare their rates. This way, you will be able to find the best option that suits your budget and need.

4. Set The Right Deductible
A deductible serves as an out of the pocket expense that you will have to shell out in case of an accident. While a high deductible can lower your insurance premiums, it will also mean higher out of the pocket expenses. If you are not a bad driver and has no record of being at-fault, you can opt for a higher insurance premium and get higher savings in the process.

5. Choose An Average Model Car
Going for luxury cars can increase your insurance premium because most companies consider these types of cars as more high risk. So if you want to lessen the interest rate of your policy, go for an average model car which offers less risk.
Car insurance gives you peace of mind when involved in an accident. When looking for a provider, always consider your budget and what coverage you need.

Holding truck drivers liable in accidents

It is easy to imagine that a great disaster is often the result when commercial trucks are involved in accidents. As commercial trucks like 18-wheelers, big rigs, delivery vehicles, and tankers are relatively bigger and heavier compared to personal vehicles, many families often lose their loved ones in truck accidents. Though truck accidents are complicated in nature, one of the factors that can be blamed in such disasters is truck drivers.

Truck companies are responsible for hiring drivers that have a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL). The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) requires truck drivers to prove themselves that they are highly skilled and knowledgeable in operating large vehicles. Truck drivers’ license is very much different from automobile drivers’ license as some states may require drivers to have certifications depending on the type of truck they will operate. Truck drivers are expected to follow routine inspections before driving. If drivers are negligent in pre-trip inspections they might not foresee mechanical problems in the vehicle. Drivers should make sure that truck brakes, steering, horn, and wheels of their vehicle are properly working. For instance if the driver fails to see that some of the truck’s tires are not well-inflated, the truck may lose control during operation when its tire suddenly blowout. According to the  website of Ausband & Dumont, families of truck accident victims have to deal with financial loss due to truck drivers’ error or negligence.

Truck accident victims who have decided to file a lawsuit against truck drivers to possibly get compensations should prove that the driver has violated safety regulations that resulted to the plaintiff’s injuries. Though typical families are not familiar with the laws that regulate truck drivers, they might consider enlisting a lawyer whose expertise is defending the rights of truck accident victims. A lawyer, depending on the state, may possibly help truck accident victims claim for their loss of wages, medical expenses, pain and sufferings and loss of affection or companionship.

Most Common Crimes

Being accused of a crime is a question that may drastically affect your daily life professionally. While the intensity of the penalties which you incur will depend on the type of crime which you are being arrested of committing, severe consequences can be caused by any level of offense with which you’re charged.

According to the website of Ian Inglis Attorney at Law, being arrested for a crime is a matter that is serious, particularly as it can have a large influence on your future as well as your job. Luckily, together with the aid of an attorney, you might be likely to be able to resist the charges facing you.

As such, it is important that you just pick a lawyer that will represent you. Although many might be ready to represent and protect you, there are those whose experience and skills are much beyond the others, the very things you will need, particularly in the following circumstances:

  • Web Offenses
  • Violation
  • Embezzlement
  • Spousal Abuse or Domestic Abuse
  • Rape, Sexual Assault or Child Molestation
  • Assault and Battery
  • Legal DUI
  • Possession
  • Heroin / Cocaine Possession
  • Drug Offenses
  • Murder or Manslaughter

Having a legal record might prevent your search for vocations. A criminal defense lawyer understands this and can help you reduce punishment or potentially obvious your record of an accused crime.

Preparation for the protection is just the start of a complex and lengthy procedure. To help you to all go through it, while having the best chance of shielding yourself, your family, and also your future, having an acquittal to be earned for you by the support of a law firm, that will exhaust all possible means permitted by the regulation could be priceless. Rest assured that your lawyer works for your benefit in and outside the courtroom, digging deep to find pieces of evidence that may help you in your circumstance. She or he will also ensure that all of your rights are upheld and that you simply get a trial that is reasonable. And in the event of a conviction, she or he may do all means to help keep your sentence to the minimum, especially if you are an initial time offender or if your case is a minor violation.

Copyright Laws

With everything from images to whole books being available on the web, the industry big shots are facing accusations of copyright infringement claims. It’s getting easier to not even understand a copyright and to violate it. By following some simple measures, you are able to avoid infringement of copyright.

The very first thing an individual should do before employing a picture, fictional perform, sketching, audio track movies and a number of other innovative works is to comprehend the trademark laws. According to the website of Kohler Hart Powell, SC, the foundation of these regulations is fairly straightforward while these regulations may become perplexing and complicated. A qualified lawyer can help in clearing out any doubts and questions.

Understanding a copyright’s infringement is in understanding the laws, the first step. A copyright generally protects content’s owner to the unique utilization of the creative concept or controlling who uses it and the distribution. Nonetheless, the laws of copyright typically don’t shield against the use of ideas of rephrasing of texts, granted you cite your source in your work. It can represent plagiarism which may also bring penalties, in the event that you usually do not cite. It is also very important to grasp the difference between copyright and a trademark as well as works recorded underneath the public domain, which can be not under any kind of copyright.

Knowing the laws of copyright is just the first step in avoiding infringement of copyright. Taking works off the net is risky because all content that is imaginative is either copyrighted or drops under copyright laws automatically. This means a work does not need to comprise a specific copyright in order for it to be considered copyrighted. This also includes writing works based on different works, such as fan-fictions. It’s possible for you to avoid this by using works that have a public trademark which indicates the function is often free for people to utilize. Yet another good principle would be to ask the creator for specific authorization to utilize their content to prevent copyright infringement.
It is necessary since for breaking a copyright, the penalties can be severe and extensive, to understand the laws of copyright.

Workers Compensation Appeal Process

If you’re struggling with a cumulative trauma injury, like carpal canal, other repeated stress injuries, or a work illness, like specific malignancies that appear as a result of job circumstances, you are entitled to workers compensation benefits. Hundreds of thousands of employees are injured or develop an occupational sickness each year across the country. A Champaign workers’ comp lawyer may inform you that some people live paycheck to paycheck and might not have the capability to guide their family and themselves when they abruptly cannot get back to work due to their traumas. Sadly, some insurance businesses do not grant advantages to workers so easily; also when the worker is in significant need. In some cases absolutely valid claims are refused, which ought to clearly never happen.

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, applying for workers compensation benefits can sadly be a complicated and very stressful process, particularly when your state is refused. Fortunately, you do not face this hectic encounter alone. In case your workers compensation claim has been refused, you shouldn’t give up hope. Instead, speak about filing an appeal, with a legal professional.

Understanding the Appeal Process

The greatest mistake that you can make when your workers compensation claim is refused is to record a new workers compensation claim. This only begins the whole process over again. Instead, you should file an appeal. If your state was denied, make sure you follow these four steps:

  • Check out your application and find out why it was rejected. Search for missing info, or for other inaccuracies and mistakes.
  • Correct the errors on your own application
  • File a claim appeal with the right entity and begin the appeal process
  • Hire a professional lawyer

By hiring a lawyer before you even file your first claim, it is possible to considerably increase your odds of receiving workers’ compensation benefits the very first time.

That is because experience and a lawyer’s understanding working with these kinds of cases enables them to notice potential mistakes in your application in the get go, instead of after an application is refused. Many applicants neglect to include the crucial medical evidence within their programs, leading to the denial of otherwise legitimate claims, forcing them to both start the procedure over or record an appeal.

Either way, these individuals aren’t obtaining important benefits while recovering from their injuries that they need in order to continue their regular lives. Workers’ compensation is a kind of insurance, and insurance firms regardless of their niche, do everything within their capacity to minimize the sums they should pay for their customers. Insurance is a company, as well as in our culture it’s rare for a business to put individuals before their gains.

Best Interests of the Child

In cases of divorce when child custody is discovered, the main issue is the “best interest of the child.” There are different factors employed to discover what is in the child’s best interest, which affect a child-custody battle’s result.

The website of the BB Law Group PLLC indicates that the top-priority of cases of divorce is frequently helping the child or children. You will find just two varieties of child custody: legal and physical. The best interest of the kid is considered through both these instances, which may cause these cases to become intricate and sloppy.

Factors when determining greatest interest differ from state to state. However, commonalities are where the little one will have an environment that is secure, can ensure mental and physical health and the ability of the parent to support the kid. The website of the US Department of Health and Human Services, stresses the need for contemplating medical and educational needs at the same time, because numerous youngsters included in these instances can not make the decisions themselves.

These cases may result in sole custody, joint custody, or visitation rights. It is as much as the court to determine the precise organizations of custody in cases of divorce after consideration of these “best interest” factors.

Overtime Laws

Whether you have a look at it from an ethical or legal point of view, the concept remains the same – any worker should be paid for each moment spent on the clock.

There are numerous laws and regulations, equally on the federal and state amounts, which outline the rights that are to be given to workers, and this consists of financial protections for individuals who work more than the regular 40-hour work week. In 1938, yet another law was executed, the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938, which defined that all work done regardless of time, for the employer’s benefit, ought to be considered as work time below the FLSA and should, thus, be paid.

According to the website of the New York overtime dispute lawyers at Cary Kane LLP, despite these regulations, many workers nevertheless experience unjust salary practices on the job, leading to outstanding overtime. While there are some workers even if they work over 40 hrs weekly who, as a result of their job descriptions or the function they perform, are exempt from overtime pay. Alas, many companies mistakenly categorize workers to be exempt within an attempt to disqualify them from getting time and a half for any hours worked over 40 hrs in a single week.

If you are a full-time employee, a part-time employee, a temporary employee, an hourly you could be entitled to overtime pay based on the demands of your position. If you are a company owner, it’s crucial therefore that you do not wrongly rob an employee of earned overtime wages and encounter lawful action in an overtime or salary dispute down the road to get familiar with overtime pay regulations.

Personal Injury Info

According to the Bureau of Justice statistics, when another person’s culpable actions have caused an accident, you could suffer injuries and significant consequences which will require extensive health care for you, as well as, causing you to miss work. Fortunately, according to the website of the Abel Law Firm, you may be able to recoup monetary compensation to pay for these damages by submitting a personal injury situation from the liable party. The person involved in a personal injury suit normally doesn’t have the education or any legal foundation; consequently, he or she might not understand some basic conditions that are crucial to your own case.

Luckily, by understanding phrases and a number of simple terms, you can sort out the fundamentals of your own case and also discuss with other authorized professionals, lawyers, and judges without an excessive amount of confusion or frustration. Additionally it is vital that you consider when you have some questions or need clarification on a phrase, which you can always talk to an attorney.

Understanding Personal Injuries Jargon

As a plaintiff, there really are several lawful conditions you might come across when researching or working through your case. By creating a base and knowing some of the phrases, you’ll be able to work through your situation with significantly less resistance. A few important terms you should know include these:

  • Law of restrictions – A legal principle that restricts the time frame you need to document your personal injury situation. Once the time limit expires, it’s impossible to consider legal action or pursue fiscal compensation.
  • Compensatory damages – Monetary damages intended to compensate you for any expense you’ve had due to the trauma. Comprises doctor’s bills, lost wages, and other harms.
  • Exemplary damages – Added damages granted to litigants that are supposed to further punish the defendant for blatantly irresponsible conduct
  • Res judicata- Legal principle that prevents a complainant from filing a second lawsuit against the exact same defendant for the same injuries