Factors that Greatly Contribute to Head-on Collision Accidents

For many years now, motor vehicle accidents in the U.S. have always gone beyond five million, resulting to more than 32,000 fatalities and more than two million injuries. About 2% of these five million motor vehicle crashes is head-on collision. Though this type of accident occurs much less frequently (compared to fatal alcohol-related accidents, for example), it, however, results to more than 10% of the 32,000-plus driving fatalities. Non-fatal head-on collision accidents can most likely result to life-altering injuries, such as spinal cord injuries, brain injuries, broken bones, and paralysis, among others.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), head-on collisions are among the most dangerous types of auto accidents. Driver error is the major cause of car accidents, including and especially, head-on collisions. Factors that greatly contribute to this type of accident include: inattention or driving while distracted; a driver drifting into oncoming traffic; a driver who, knowingly or unknowingly, drives the wrong way on a highway or residential road; making a dangerous passing maneuver; driving at excessive speed; driving while intoxicated; or, falling asleep at the wheel. These, as well as many other possible causes of head-on collisions, are often due to negligence or reckless road behavior, which can easily be prevented.

Head-on collision is one type of accident that drivers never even want to think of possibly getting involved in – due to its severe consequences. To help make sure that this will never occur in large highways, where vehicles run at fast speeds, some local governments have installed stretches of steel wire cable to prevent vehicles from one lane from ever drifting to the other.

West Palm Beach car accident lawyers believe that a driver, whose negligence or recklessness causes a head-on collision accident, should be held liable for the consequences of his/her carelessness. Due to the difficulty and challenges facing authorities in determining fault in head-on collision accidents, however, one who claims to be a victim may find it necessary and advantageous if he/she would hire a seasoned personal accident lawyer who will be able to represent him/her well in court.