Fried Chicken Beer

Craft breweries are known for creating a world of new beer flavor creations. This is a part of the growing appeal of these independent companies. Due to their size and their independent management, craft brewers have the freedom to experiment and to use their creativity to create practically any flavor of beer you can imagine. Some of these flavors may sound immediately appealing, while others might make you raise an eyebrow. wrote an article about one such beer that has recently come on the market called a Fried Chicken Double IPA.

Two brewing companies out of Richmond, Virginia, The Veil Brewing Co. and Evil Twin Brewing, have come together to create a wild new beer flavor that has shocked many beer drinkers. Although the brewers state the beer does not taste like fried chicken, they do add a small amount of fried chicken during the brewing process. This offers a brand new flavor possibility to their beer that both owners are very excited about. This same brewery created an Oreo beer last year that quickly became an internet sensation. The brewers seem thrilled about the ability to use new ingredients during the brewing process to learn how it will react with the standard base of the beer. Their latest creation, the Fried fried chicken beer, is an 8% ABV brew with the base flavor coming from an Old Country Double IPA. This beer has a combination of Citra, Simcoe, and Enigma hops, which blend together with the fried chicken to make a unique flavor. Many beer drinkers who are already a fan of these breweries are excited to see what kind of flavor combinations Veil Brewing Co. will come up with next.

While this beer sounds almost like something out of a story, the new brew hit the market in July of 2017. Flavor combinations such as this demonstrate the power of craft breweries in the American beer market. For decades, most beers tasted and looked fairly similar, with generally bland flavorings. However, the market is being revolutionized by the creativity of independent brewers. Although fried chicken beer may not be everyone’s first choice of drink, it is just one of the thousands of different flavors and styles available in craft beers. This surge in inventive new beer flavors and styles have broken down the barriers of what brewers once thought possible.

Although many people may like to try all the new flavors of beer available, independent companies simply do not have the ability to make their brews widely available across the country. You simply cannot purchase many craft beers in groceries stores because the brewery only creates a small amount of their product each year. However, companies like Growler Chill, are helping to make craft beer more readily available for your home. Their product allows you to store and chill your favorite craft beer and provides you with on-tap freshness. With their help, maybe one day we can all try a glass of fried chicken beer.