Dangers of an IVC Filter

Pulmonary embolism is a serious threat for individuals who suffer from blood clots in other areas of the body. A leading trigger of death, pulmonary embolism can occur if the blood clots have migrated to the lungs. Because of these serious hazards, filters were created. These filters have been used since the 70s and are made to capture blood clots before they’re able to go to the lungs. The device has continuously spread since its beginning, with over 259 259,000 filters being utilized by the year 2012.

Nonetheless, the very apparatus employed to stop pulmonary embolisms in people experiencing deep vein thrombosis was linked to lethal signs itself. According to the National Institutes of Health, the Bard G2 IVC filtration has been linked since its start in 2005 to 300 injuries and 27 deaths. While some minor symptoms can occur such as chest pain and headaches, according to the website of Bard G2 IVC Filter lawsuit lawyers, they could be signs of more deadly results. Death has been linked through migration of these devices largely to the filtration. Legs normally break off from the machine and go through the bloodstream to other organs of the body, puncturing them. The device frequently migrates apart from where it had been surgically implanted as well, leaving the filter ineffective and leading to deadly results. Many people may also suffer severe heart injuries in the event the unit migrates or breaks off near the heart, potentially leading to death.

The devastating and life-altering consequences of the device continue as individuals are nevertheless coping with all the results of the filtration grow in number. Regrettably, in the cases, the issues associated with the filtration may lead to death, which makes it critical to be aware of the hazards of the filtration.

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